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Built Right Fencing in Victoria, BC

While other contractors hummed and hawed, he confidently provided solutions to every problem.
Mark H.

Building it right doesn’t have to cost you more.

Built Right Fencing Understands What You Want

You want a long lasting fence to serve its specific purpose and be aesthetically pleasing; but most of all, you want a great price.

Philosophy & Values

Built Right believes the true bottom line in business is people, and being an active leader in the community it serves. Meeting the needs of our customers is our main concern; ultimately this belief has lead to our success.

Mission Statement

Built Right strives to provide the best value in products & service for the best price.

Choose your contractor with confidence:

  • We are fully bonded and insured.
  • No hidden costs in quotes.
  • Work will be started and finished on dates agreed upon, maybe sooner but no later.
  • We supply recent references as we know we are only as good as our last performance. Our reputation is built on great service, and great builds.

Protect your investment with value built in:

  • Two year written warranty.
  • Only the best materials are selected and used.
  • Measurements, cuts, levels and lines of fence are precise.
  • All fasteners, brackets and hardware rated above common standards.